Below is a quick overview on the top selling points for Welltiss Mind.

  • All Natural Option. Provides a natural/non-chemical option for sleep, concentration and a deeper state of meditation
  • It’s Easy. Some people struggle taming their thoughts. Welltiss Mind provides the benefits of meditation with magnetic fields. Essentially, the Welltiss Mind allows you to go into a calmer more focused state for those that are less comfortable with meditation.
  • Easy To Use App. The Welltiss Mind pairs with an app that works with both IOS and Android devices. The app allows you to easily select the program best suited for your needs. Need to focus on writing a blog post? Select the concentration program. Looking to enhance your meditation experience? Select the meditation program. Hoping for an amazing night’s sleep? Select the sleep program.
  • Back By Science. This isn’t magic. The Welltiss Mind is backed by science. For a list of associated studies, please click here