Why is Welltiss Mind a headband?

Low frequency electromagnetic pulses that Welltiss Mind produces penetrate through the body. However, the intensity decreases as the distance grows from the target area: the brain. That’s why we designed Welltiss Mind as a headband.

Does Welltiss Mind work on both an Android and Apple products?

Yes, the Welltiss Mind app is compatible with both platforms

What technology does Welltiss Mind use?

It uses PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology that naturally changes the predominant brain speed pattern. Our bodies are electrical and chemical: every heartbeat generates electromagnetic pulses that chemically stimulate tissues and cells. Welltiss Mind encourages the brain to produce a certain rhythm that best suits the state of mind you’d like to be in, with the use of low frequency electromagnetic stimulation.

What is PEMF Technology?

Brain frequencies are produced by masses of neurons communicating with each other, changing according to what we are doing or feeling. Different brain frequencies result in different states of mind.

PEMF technology uses very weak electro-magnetic impulses in extra-low frequencies, to encourage our mind to work at a speed we choose, to best perform the task at hand. In the same way that meditating along with the rhythmic sound of drums, gong therapy and steady flashing lights all transport you into a state of thoughtfulness and transcendence, PEMF can guide your mood.

How does Welltiss Mind interact with my body and brain?

Welltiss Mind produces low frequency electromagnetic pulses that gently encourage your brain waves to join in with the chosen frequency of the pulses. With regular use, your brain will quickly synchronize with your chosen state of mind, thanks to Welltiss Mind acting as an intermediary.